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A gift ordering process:

1. Customers gift to the specific needs (such as budget, time, uses occasions, etc.)
2. Operations personnel will be submitted to the gift proposals or solutions;
3. The two sides discussed proposals for gifts, see model, and to determine the final package;
4. The two sides signed a contract to pay customers advances;
5. I talk about the company determined in accordance with the customers and products to customers confirm results graph;
6. My company designed and manufactured according to customer requirements Proofing (as batch size to decide whether proofing);
7. Customer recognition model, my company carried out strictly in accordance with the cargo volume production;
8. My company product quality control, and the consignor;

Second, the delivery terms:

Customers ordering gifts will be recognized in orders received during the period after the contract set by the gift.
For customers within Yiwu City, I will provide free door-to-door service.
Beyond Yiwu City, shipped to various parts of the country transport costs, purchased by the participants themselves.

Third, the settlement provisions:

To ensure the validity of orders, I will sign the contract after collecting 30% ~ 50% as advances in the balance will be paid on delivery.
If you order gifts by the companies involved in the logo design, printing or other aspects. I will be receiving your inquiries and contact you after the final agreed price.

Fourth, quality assurance:

In all gifts for goods, if found quality problems, I guarantee companies for clients unconditional return.
If there were quality in the warranty period, I will be restored in accordance with the policy Exchange policy or principle to work.